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Welcome, friends, to our latest adventure in Arden Heights, Staten Island! With sleeves rolled up, we dove into our task of deck staining. Sanding down imperfections and ridges on the wood creating a smooth canvas for the transformation ahead. Our mission: to infuse new life into the deck with two coats of Behr’s Padre Brown, a semi-transparent stain chosen for its durability and natural charm.As we applied the final touches, the deck underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. Weathered wood was now rejuvenated, seamlessly blending with Arden Heights’ tranquil surroundings. And the icing on the cake? The delighted smile of our satisfied client, another success story in our quest to beautify outdoor spaces.

How to Paint Decks Correctly?

Preparation Matters

Thoroughly clean the surface before painting to remove dirt and grime. Ensure the wood is completely dry before proceeding.

Painting Techniques

Use a exterior primer suitable for outdoor use. After use a high-quality stain or paint for decks, wood stairs and porches. Call 347-400-9740 to see what product stain or paint would be the right fit for your wooden deck.

At Premier Painting Pros, we excel in deck staining and painting, earning a solid reputation for our exceptional work. Typically, wood decks require staining every 7 to 10 years, depending on the wood’s thickness, while a high-quality paint job can endure for up to a decade. Our dedication lies in the careful planning and precise execution of your project, prioritizing your satisfaction above all else.


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