Do you Prime Walls Before Painting?

Do you Prime Walls Before Painting

If you’re aiming for exceptional results, this question often arises: is priming walls necessary before painting? While many property owners may assume that priming is always essential, it’s not always the case. So, when exactly should you consider using a primer?

As painters in New York City, our team at Premier Painting Pros specializes in both commercial and residential painting projects. We understand the importance of proper preparation for a flawless finish. Here’s our take on primers and when they’re beneficial:

Priming walls before painting is important, especially if they’re damp, greasy, or stained.

Moist Walls: Damp walls can make paint peel over time. Using a primer that blocks moisture helps seal the walls, so the paint lasts longer.

Oily Walls: Grease on walls, common in kitchens and bathrooms, makes paint stick unevenly. An oil-based primer blocks grease and makes the surface smooth for painting.

Stained Walls: Tough stains like watermarks or smoke can show through paint. A primer that blocks stains seals them, so they don’t ruin the new paint job.

By priming the walls properly, we ensure the paint sticks well and looks great for years to come.

During one of our painting projects, we faced a unique challenge. A family with young children had crayon marks all over their walls, especially in the playroom. Despite their attempts to remove the marks, they stubbornly remained, posing a risk of bleeding through the new paint.

Understanding that simply painting over the crayon marks wouldn’t solve the problem, we recognized the importance of proper priming. To ensure the marks didn’t show through the final coat of paint, we applied a top-quality stain-blocking primer to the affected areas.

The primer effectively sealed the crayon marks, forming a protective barrier that prevented them from resurfacing under the fresh paint. With meticulous attention to detail and thorough preparation, we achieved a flawless finish that left our clients thrilled with the results. Additionally, if smoking occurs inside the house, the smoke leaves stains and smells that can come through the new paint. So, using a primer is important to stop this from happening. A good primer blocks the stains and keeps the walls looking fresh for longer.


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