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A new paint job can completely transform a space. What a great way to change a building’s style without spending too much on complete renovations! Unfortunately, many people underestimate how challenging a paint job can be. For many people, that weekend DIY job spirals into a month-long ordeal that would be a sitcom plot if it weren’t so frustrating.

The best way to reduce the hassle and stress of painting is to work with professional Brooklyn, NY painters like our team at Premier Painting. We’re with you on every step of the journey, from choosing your paint to putting on the finishing touches. No job is too big or too small for our team! Call us today for a free quote.


A few common
painting problems

We Provide a FREE Inspection

As part of our client-centered approach, we always conduct a short inspection of the painting surface before starting the project. Underlying issues such as mold, damp spots, or old stucco can ruin even the most professional paintwork and result in peeling paint and unsightly stains.

Mositure & Water Damage

Moisture and water damage issues are common on exterior painting projects, which is why we strongly recommend addressing these concerns before starting a painting job. Once addressed, we can provide expert surface preparation to protect your home from future moisture ingress and sun damage.

Interior HOuse
painting services

Serving the brookly, NY Area

Interior painting projects can range from simple one-room jobs to extensive whole-building renovations. Unfortunately, these projects often come with health hazards such as dust, volatile organic compounds, solvents, and the potential presence of old lead paint.

As the premier Brooklyn, NY contractor, we at Premier Painting have the painting experience to combat these hazards and ensure the safety of everyone in the building during the project. e follow specific protocols to handle lead-based paint and other potentially harmful compounds while also minimizing the disruption caused by our activities.

Whether you need a residential or commercial painting project, you can rest assured that we always put our customers first. At Premier Painting, we work quickly and effectively to ensure minimal disruption and produce results you’ll love.


We are committed to bringing you a beautiful Color World quality paint job or other service that is clean, on time, and on budget.


We don’t stop at painting, we offer additional services making your home the best-looking one on the block.


We offer no obligation consultations. No surprise fees after the work is completed.


We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer satisfaction for every job we complete.


Our highly trained painters use top-quality products in order to deliver outstanding every time.

Exterior House
Painting Services

Exterior appearances matter in residential and commercial buildings, and you only get one shot at first impressions. Even your color choices can affect how people perceive the building. In addition to color selection, you also need to choose a paint that can withstand the harsh South Bay summers without fading or losing its luster.

Our team of Brooklyn, NY painters can guide you through the selection process. What sets Premier Painting apart is that we will execute your design quickly and to an excellent standard.