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Give Your Home a Beautiful Deck Staining in Staten Island by Erasing Away Cracks and Dull Color with Deck Paint to Keep it Healthy and Long lasting


Deck Painting in Staten Island

Keeping your porch or deck looking great, attractive and captivated all the time in Staten Island can be a daunting task as nature has its ways to challenge the appearance of your deck. But doing and applying useful measures time to time can keep your deck healthy and good looking.

Constant rain and UV exposure can cause your deck to get old and chippy very fast if you do not take care of it properly. As the climate of Staten Island is mildly cold and warmer, you can adopt different ways or methods to maintain the health of your porch but if the damage is little too much, you should consider sealing or staining it in order to keep your deck in shape.

Deck staining mainly involves a liquid obtaining tint that protects the wood from sunlight and prevents color from fading away over time. Stain consists of same three ingredients as paint but it has small amount of binder and chief amount of vehicle and then pigment.

Deck paint is a special type of paint which contains ingredients that are heavy traffic and weather friendly. It has the ability to expand and contract according to seasonal changings thus providing great protection over chipping and wearing. Porch paint hides the texture of wood making the porch or deck smooth and beautiful.  Another great feature of porch pain or deck paint is that they are UV friendly. Low quality deck paints can wear the affects of UV badly as porches receive a large amount of UV exposure every day and it can diminish the quality of woof really fast. While choosing the good quality deck paint, it is important to keep these things in mind in order to get more durability, finest and smooth porch.

You can also do deck staining in particular Staten Island weather conditions after you have given your porch some good paint. The main difference between stain and paint is that paint can cover gaps and cracks very well whereas deck stain cannot hide the cracks very well. Paint comes with variety of different colors whereas stain has mainly shades of brown color.

Types of Deck Painting You Can Consider

There are different types of porch painting depending on the final result of the deck you are looking for. Elastomeric paint works well with wood as well as stucco because it can fill the cracks and can change the shape according to the surface. Urethane is another enamel that works great with woods to give protection against scratching and getting dingy. Before painting the deck or porch, it is important or prep the surface by applying primer to get the finest touch of paint. In order to make any type of porch paint look good, the initials steps before applying the pint are really important.

Deck Repair

Minor repairs from time to time such as changing nails and renew paint come cheap but if you note that the deck needs to be repaired after termite invasion comes really expensive. Repairing overall is less expensive than replacing the deck but when the cost of repairing the deck becomes almost equal to replacing the entire deck, you should consider replacing the whole thing. Weather conditions of Staten Island demands time to time check and inspection of decks because of warm summers and average winters. Decks can typically last 10 to 25 years depend upon the type of wood, water resistant sealer and weather conditions. In order to keep decks young and happy, you should refinish the decks every often. There are many factors that take part in refinishing such as life of deck, the materials it is made of and when the last refining took place. Usually, decks should be renovated after every 2-3 years to keep it in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before painting my deck?

Before applying paint or stain, make sure that your deck is properly prepared and the initials steps such as cleaning, inspection and wiping are done.

How many coats of paint I should apply on deck?

Apply paint to your deck the same way you applied primer. Apply 2,3 coats of paint leaving at least two days between each coat.

When is the best time to apply deck stain in Staten Island?

Check the weather conditions before applying stain. late spring and early fall seasons are good for stain application. It is suggested that stain should be applied on the days when it is not expected to rain two days before and after deck treatment.

Is oiling better than stain?

Oiling enhances the current color of the porch. If you are happy with the current color of the deck, you can oil it whereas staining improves the overall appearance by changing timber color.